About Us

The Old Familiar Comb Company started as an idea for a comb bottle opener by Kenji Prince, owner of Columbus, OH barbershop, Old Familiar. He contacted Dylan Paul and Levi Crumley from ReFab Studio to design and manufacture a prototype.  The prototype was used to test size, weight, and functionality both as a comb and a bottle opener, after all Kenji is a barber first and foremost, so the comb had to actually work.

Once they knew they had perfected the design, they partnered together to create The Old Familiar Comb Company, with the goal of distributing the comb bottle openers to anyone in the world who wanted one.  The first step was to start the project on Kickstarter to mass produce the first product the full sized polished version of the comb bottle opener.

The Old Familiar Comb Company cares greatly about offering quality products, and will continue to offer beautiful and unique products for years to come.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, we are truly grateful to all of you!